Smart Content Discovery

Leiki offers uniquely capable contextual and behavioral content discovery services for all types of online media – publishers, broadcasters, public sector sites, blog networks, advertisers and retailers. We are experts in making the web smarter!

Our content discovery services SmartContext (for contextual recommendations) and SmartPersonal (for behavioral recommendations) work seamlessly together with the same javascript tag and we recommend utilizing both from the start.

SmartContext – contextual recommendations

SmartContext is the market leading service for contextual content recommendations.

What are contextual recommendations? On a news site for example, SmartContext shows in an article page recommendations to other articles that have the most related content – in other words they are contextually related. The content recommended can be anything with any text, headline or meta data; articles, images, videos, products, discussions, blog posts etc.

How is SmartContext different from any other content recommendation services you may have encountered? In short, SmartContext is uniquely able to recommend content across content types and sites. SmartContext does this by finding related content using the meaning of the content – not keyword frequency. Each content item is analyzed with our semantic engine Leiki Focus to create a very detailed “fingerprint” or content profile of topics associated with the content. This way SmartContext can find related content without needing any of the same keywords in the content items! See an example case.

SmartPersonal – behavioral recommendation

SmartPersonal stands for behavioral content recommendations.

What are behavioral recommendations? For example, on a news site’s front page SmartPersonal recommends the reader specially selected articles that are personally interesting to the user. This is done by intelligently – and completely anonymously – collecting the readers’ interests via their clicks.

How is SmartPersonal different from other content recommendation services? As it uses Leiki’s unique analysis of the meaning in content, it can recommend content from any other site and content type based on usage of one site. For example, from reading of a newspaper Leiki quickly gathers personalization information to personalize a selection of products from a webstore – without the user ever having visited the webstore before! See an example case.

Key Benefits


More clicks

SmartContext and SmartPersonal recommendations are 3-5 times more effective than traditional “Most Popular” and “Recent” recommendations.


Retain readers

The reader does not have to leave your site to look for more information as they can see more related items; no dead ends


Upsell premium content

Offer related premium content on your free editorial sites and attract the readers’ attention on topics they are interested in.


Cross-site traffic

Link all the sites and content archives in your network and immediately give your readers easy access to more interesting content - and increase traffic!


Personal experience

Offer each reader a personalized home page with SmartPersonal. This can be achieved even on the first visit to a site based on other browsing. Personalization profiles are updated in real time so the changes in interests are picked up with no delays.

Getting started

Adding SmartContext and SmartPersonal to your site is very easy:

Just paste the Javascript tag we provide to launch the recommendation widgets.

For those who like programming, Leiki Smart Services also support recommendations and tagging by providing content analysis (SmartProfiles) and recommendation APIs.

Customer experiences

Customer Case: ALMA MEDIA

Leiki content recommendation services SmartContext and SmartPersonal are widely used in Alma Media network to help users discover and consume more of their content. Leiki’s Smart Services are adept at understanding textual content across various content types: articles, video, images, classifieds, etc." READ MORE

Customer Case: National Broadcaster YLE

The national broadcaster Yle is using Leiki’s SmartPersonal content recommendation on its front page. Articles are recommended based on personal interest analysis of the visitor’s clicks on all the broadcaster’s sites. This way the visitor can see personally interesting stories already on their first visit to the Yle front page! READ MORE