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Leiki SmartTargeting Suite| pdf

Leiki provides market leading contextual analysis, consumer and audience preference analysis and automatic targeting of all forms of advertising. Companies in the online advertising ecosystem such as DSPs, SSPs and DMPs use Leiki’s services to understand page context and each consumers preferences with unprecedented accuracy and detail, to show consumers the most relevant offers across sites, automatically on each page; and to maximise traffic and revenues!

SmartBanner rapidly and automatically scans product lists, profiling products and presenting them in dynamic creative display ads. It can be used to pre-target product offer display ads both contextually and personally. Each product can be presented alone or in a rotating multi-product window. See how it works with our customer:

SmartProfilesSmartProfiles | pdf
SmartProfiles are weighted topic lists for advertisers, web publishers and marketers. They define content to IAB Tier 2 level and beyond for articles, videos, products, documents, classifieds, forums, and image galleries.

SmartTracker creates consumer interest profiles for viewers of brand advertising and visitors to brand domains. It is used to trigger multichannel marketing events by combining online purchase intent with purchasing history. Where User ID is available from loyalty card, credit card, or site registration, you can transfer these profiles into a CRM system.

SmartSegments is a tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns. It intelligently gathers the topics each user is interested in from users’ clicks and allows online advertisers to cherry-pick the topics that they want to target each ad to and create very detailed audience segments.

SmartSafetySmartSafety | pdf
SmartSafety is a uniquely accurate and flexible brand safety solution for brand safety and verification service providers. It provides negative targeting based on the best-of-class Leiki High Def 150,000 category ontology for Low, Medium and High safety requirements as well as custom brand-specific filtering. SmartSafety can be used as a standalone safety screen or as an enhancement to existing screening systems.


More Services for Advertising

SmartVideoSmartVideo | pdf
SmartVideo is a contextual and behavioral targeting solution for marketers and publishers that matches video with other online content and user interests. It analyzes video captions, metadata, and other text associated with video files and pairs it with other content such as web articles, product catalogs, image captions, forums, video libraries, and search queries. See how it works with our customer: Publisher Göteborgs-Posten.

Enjoy the unique benefits!

  • Automatic catalog targeting: Create product ads automatically of your complete online catalogue and recommend them contextually and behaviourally anywhere!
  • The most detailed targeting: Over 100.000 topics are used to profile both content and users’ interests to find the best match for each product ad.
  • Gain insight on consumer interests: Collect and analyse detailed individual interest profiles and connect the data to any CRM system.
  • More clicks, higher conversion: When consumers act on personally relevant promotions they are more likely to purchase.
  • Plug’n’Play: Our plug’n’play services include a sofisticated campaign management interface. These services can be integrated to any web page or campaign management solution with simple tags. Supported ad formats include e.g. text ads, rich media ads, Javascript tags from third party ad servers and synchronized combo ads.

See Leiki in action!

Leiki page analysis demo: enter a URL to see its semantic profile and example recommendations.

Leiki SurfBoard: surf the web and find new interesting content based on your interests!


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