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Advertisers are increasingly demanding accuracy on where and to whom their advertisements are shown, adding additional pressure to ad tech companies. Leiki solves these problems by ensuring that advertisements are only seen by people interested in advertisers’ topics and only in the right places.

Leiki offers companies in the online advertising ecosystem such as DSPs, SSPs and DMPs comprehensive content discovery and audience data solutions. Our semantic AI engine understands in detail what consumers are interested in buying and Leiki Semantic Audiences can put you in touch with them in minutes. We are confident that the results will speak for themselves.

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Adtech companies can be resellers and distributors for Leiki’s advanced semantic audience segments, or they can be a data source for Leiki to create segments and sell them through its channels with revenue share to our data partner.

Content tagging redefined – automatically tag content with custom tag sets.
Create detailed consumer interest profiles, combining personal interest data with online purchase intent information.
A tool for online advertising managers to create audience segments for targeting campaigns.
Understand user interests in media to unprecedented depth – in real time.

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