Leiki provides market leading solutions for Content Discovery and Data on Audiences and Content.

Content Discovery Services

Leiki’s uniquely capable content discovery services increase traffic for content owners such as publishers, broadcasters, retailers and brand advertisers. We can precisely target content where other methods fail.

SmartContext & Personal

Show visitors relevant content across sites, automatically on each page. Understand each visitor’s interests and accurately personalize their services. See how it works with our customers: Alma Media and National Broadcaster YLE.



Offer dynamic creatives that precisely respond to context and user interests to maximize buyer attention. See how it works with our customers: European Retail Group Kesko; and bookstore


Audience and Content Data Services

Leiki provides data that is not available through other means. Our text analysis is able to understand the meaning of content deeper than any other solution.


Quickly create tailored audience segments that sell. Understand user interests in media with unprecedented depth. See how it works with our customers: Aller MediaStampen Media Group, and Bonnier Tidskrifter.


SmartProfiles & Safety

Content tagging redefined – automatically tag content with custom tag sets. See how it works with our customer: National Broadcaster YLE.



Understand user interests in media to unprecedented depth – in real time. See how it works with our partner: Taloustutkimus.



Create detailed consumer interest profiles, combining personal interest data with online purchase intent information.


Unique benefits

With Leiki’s Smart Services you will maximise traffic and revenues by making content discovery effortless and fun.

Content discovery:

Acquire and retain users: Offer a content experience that is personally interesting and immersive.

Drive users to Premium Content: Increase traffic 3-10 X over traditional “most popular” or “latest” promotions.



Create new advertising income: Targeting of ads has increased CPM more than 500%.

The most detailed targeting: Over 200000 topics are used to profile both content and users to find the best match for each ad.

More clicks, higher conversion: When consumers act on personally relevant promotions they are more likely to purchase.

Audience analysis and segmentation:

Create the most profitable audience segments: New tailored segments can be added in seconds according to advertiser’s specific needs. Know your customers unlike ever before: Gain access detailed user interest profiles and connect the data to your CRM!

Plug’n’Play: Leiki services can be integrated with one javascript, no development needed.

Customer experiences

Customer Case: ALLER MEDIA

Major Nordic publisher Aller Media has recently launched a brand new data sales model, where media agencies can purchase data on purchase intent target segments for their advertising campaigns to be used also in other media networks than Aller Media’s own. A key service in the creation of enriched target segments is Leiki SmartSegments." Read more.

Customer Case: ALMA MEDIA

Leiki content recommendation services SmartContext and SmartPersonal are widely used in Alma Media network to help users discover and consume more of their content. Leiki’s Smart Services are adept at understanding textual content across various content types: articles, video, images, classifieds, etc." Read more.

Customer Case: National Broadcaster YLE

The national broadcaster Yle is using Leiki’s SmartPersonal content recommendation on its front page. Articles are recommended based on personal interest analysis of the visitor’s clicks on all the broadcaster’s sites. This way the visitor can see personally interesting stories already on their first visit to the Yle front page! Read more.

Customer Case: Otavamedia

Publishing Group Otavamedia uses SmartContext to link related content across multiple sites that cover lifestyle topics like fashion, health, food, gardening and children. Right from the launch Leiki’s recommendations received excellent click through rates, exceeding 10% CTR! Read more.