Smart Service Suites

SmartContext creates contextual article links that use article meaning, not keyword frequency to find the most relevant articles. SmartPersonal combines content profiles using tracking or session cookies into personalization profiles. SmartVideo is a contextual and behavioral targeting solution that matches videos with other online content and user interests. SmartTags automatically tags content with editor-defined custom tag sets. SmartSearch uses Leiki’s cutting edge profiling technology to find the best matching content. SmartProfiles are weighted topic lists for advertisers, web publishers and marketers. SmartSafety is a uniquely accurate and flexible brand safety solution. SmartSegments is a tool for creating audience segments for targeted ad campaigns. SmartBanner scans product lists, profils products and presents them in dynamic creative display ads. SmartTracker creates consumer interest profiles for viewers of brand advertising and visitors to brand domains. SmartLanding replaces generic brand ads linked to your home page, with targeted ads linked to the part of your store where the reader is most likely to convert. Leiki provides market leading contextual analysis, consumer and audience preference analysis and automatic targeting of all forms of advertising. Leiki provides market leading content discovery solutions to publishers, networks and retailers. Leiki provides market leading content discovery services to publishers, networks and retailers.

Are you a Publisher who wants to:

  • Get more people to discover and increase the use of your diverse online properties?
  • Take back control from search engines by automatically showing your own relevant content?
  • Drive traffic from your most popular sites to the most valuable content?
  • Understand – and monetize – the interests of your users in great detail?

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Are you a Retailer interested in:

  • Driving sales by showing every user personally relevant products?
  • Targeting each of your product in the best possible context?
  • Getting detailed insight of your customers – even knowing what they are going to buy before they buy it?

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If you work with Advertising, would you like to:

  • Get the most accurate understanding of page context?
  • Pre-Target contextually and personally relevant products?
  • Get the most comprehensive insight into consumer preferences?
  • Create audiences based on detailed understanding of individual consumers?

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