Leiki Semantic Audiences
Tired of the same old ad targeting options? We know in detail what people are interested in buying. Our Semantic Audiences for programmatic advertising will put you in touch with them in minutes. Anything from Standard to Custom-made segments of unparalleled effectiveness, we have your campaign needs covered.

Buy any audience you can come up with

We are not kidding! Unlike other providers, we can quickly create audiences tailored to the needs of a specific campaign. Save 50% or more of your audience costs: Instead of paying for two separate standard segments like golf and holiday, use only one premium segment golf holidayRequest a custom-made segment or see our ready-made audience list!

Custom-made segments

Looking for a precise segment that no one else can offer? Pinpoint your message to specific audiences – we can custom-make a segment on any topic that match your needs.

E.g. Easter dining, Grill master, etc.

9 + 11 =


Want to reach a wide audience while staying targeted? We offer segments on general topics which are more accurate than others due to our unique semantic technology. E.g:



People with interest in sports, spending a considerable time online reading about various types of sports.


Group with great interests in fashion, clothing trends and brands, fashion models, and beauty products.


Food lovers interested in recipes, food trends, nutrition, cooking tips and kitchenware.


Want to advertise to premium target groups based on more detailed interests? We are the only provider of segments for high-value products. E.g:

Decision Makers


People who read about advanced financial news. Fiscal reports, stock markets, and economic science are their main interests.
Fine wine & luxury dining


People with particular interest in high quality wines, gourmet food and fine dining restaurants.


Golf enthusiasts who read about golf tournaments, technique tips, golf equipment and accessories.

Where to get Leiki Audiences?

Do you want to see our full list of over 200 ready-made audiences?

We believe it’s only the matter of time before everyone will use behavior-based segments for ad display.
Let Leiki show you how.
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