Focus Firefox for Facebook (FFF) add-on – created by Leiki

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FFF adds up-to-date, personalized recommendations to the top of your Facebook news feed. It’s like an automated Friend that scours the web 24/7, posting new and interesting things just for for you to read:


FFF finds related content for other Facebook pages too:

To install the add-on, click here and let Firefox guide you through the process.


As you use Facebook, Leiki will store information about things you Like, and items you post. These are used to build an anonymous profile of your interests. A typical profile consists of 50-200 weighted categories and looks like this:

We don’t track or store any data that can be used to identify a particular person: no name, address or phone number, no email address, user name or IP address is recorded by our service. Instead we keep our users totally anonymous. Only a random number stored in a cookie tells us that the browser that visited a page was the same browser as the one that visited another page yesterday.

A record in our system looks like this:


If you want to clear the anonymous profile associated with your browser or to permanently disable the anonymous tracking, go to our Privacy page.

If you disable your profile you will still see “Recommended content” banners elsewhere. These do not rely on a personal profile, but are created from the content on each page.

You can remove the add-on entirely using the FireFox menu bar: Under Tools, select Add-ons and either Disable (temporary) or Remove (permanent) “Leiki add-on for Facebook”.